In an effort to maximize security, Zoom recently made a change to their API that affects certain users within our community who schedule Zoom meetings from their Google calendar. Specifically, this change affects people who use Google to schedule Zoom meetings for other Haverford users through what Zoom calls “scheduling privileges”.

The adjustment that Zoom made revoked “shared access permissions” for apps downloaded from Zoom’s marketplace. Since Google Workplace is one of those apps, users now need to authorize “shared access permissions” in order to utilize their scheduling privileges via Google.

The quick steps below will walk you through authorizing “shared access permissions” for Google.

Step 1

Visit the Zoom App Marketplace at and press “sign in”.

Step 2

At the sign-in screen, select “SSO”.

Step 3

When asked for the company domain, type haverford into the field shown below and press continue.

Step 4

You will then be brought to the standard red Haverford sign-in page. Enter your credentials and select “login”.

Step 5

Once signed in, select “manage” in the top right.

Step 6

At the next screen, select “Installed Apps” on the left. Any apps that you’ve installed will show up, including Google Workspace. Next to Google Workspace, select the blue “update” button.

Step 7

A dialogue box will pop up. Check the box that allows that app to use your shared access permissions. Once checked, press “authorize” and you will have completed the process. You should now have the ability to schedule Zoom meetings for other users within Google calendar.

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