New option in Moodle: the tiles course format

New option in Moodle: the tiles course format

IITS is happy to present a new Moodle feature for spring 2023, the tiles course format. This format is great when you have a lot of content because it displays all sections efficiently on the page, as illustrated above. To use this new option: If you have any questions please feel free to contact us.

Online teaching roundtable recap

Hiroyo Saito, Director of Instructional Technology at Haverford, hosted a Roundtable Discussion on online teaching on February 2nd. Several faculty from the sciences and humanities attended and shared a lively conversation about their ideas and experiences with online teaching. Participants looked at a variety of tips and techniques for teaching online effectively during both asynchronous…

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Roundtable and Office Hours in February

Instructional Technology Services, IITS invites you to roundtable discussion sessions and office hours to help you get ready for the spring semester. Talk to peers and IITS staff to prepare your online-only or dual/hybrid mode classes. Roundtable discussion on online teaching Tuesday, Feb. 2 from 10:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. Facilitator: Hiroyo Saito Hiroyo will…

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Updated Assignments with Voicethread

The newest version of Voicethread has significant updates that will benefit users at Haverford greatly. We transitioned to this new version over break and would like to share detailed information about these updates with any current users. Below are all of the detailed updates that Voicethread made regarding assignments and how both students and instructors…

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Collaborative editing and close reading with Perusall

Perusall is a powerful tool with lots of features. Students can work individually, in groups, or as a class to study, annotate and discuss docs and other media. You can also use Perusall to create assignments around annotations. While you can evaluate those assignments yourself, you can also have Perusall provide students with automatic, AI-enhanced…

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Can I share videos with my class in Moodle?

With so many classes online, many faculty are looking for ways to create and share video with students. This article will help you pick options that work for your needs? We look at several types of videos: feature films, online videos, and your own video files. Feature films Sharing feature films has both technical and…

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