You have a few options for emailing students in your class. Obviously, you can just email them with Gmail. However, if you have a large class, Moodle will make it much easier to email all students—or groups of students within your class.

At the start of each semester, IITS sends out Moodle tips that include instructions for emailing students via Moodle Announcements or Quickmail. Announcements and Quickmail are similar but each has its own strengths. Below are a few common messaging needs, along with a tool suggestion.

Email messages to all students AND archive messages inside Moodle course

Quickmail is the best option when you want messages archived for quick reference within Moodle. All Moodle Announcements are emailed to the class AND stored under the Announcement forum. You can also see the most recent messages on the Latest News block on the side of your course.

Any messages sent thought Moodle Announcements are available for students within Moodle. Anyone with course access can see the Announcements from the Announcements link and in the Latest News block.

Email just some of your students

Quickmail allows you to email to several individual or groups of students by adding and/or excluding people and groups on the to: line.

Illustration of Quickmail Include and Exclude options
In this message, the To line is to “Registered Students.” This would mean that all students get the message. However, there is an additional optional Exclude line. This message is excluding Couch Potato and Red Potato. Thus, the message will be emailed to all Registered students EXCEPT Couch Potato and Red Potato.

Include attachments

Both Quickmail and Moodle Announcements allow attachments.