VoiceThread (VT) is a web-based tool for creating commentary around images, video, or text. VT is very easy to use and can be assigned to individuals or groups of students. Below are a few examples of different types of VoiceThreads to give an idea of the types of things that you can do with this tool. These all have a number of commentators, but you do not have to allow comments on a VoiceThread.

Because our VT license authenticates via Moodle, start by adding a VoiceThread activity to your Moodle course shell.

  1. Turn Editing on” in the Course Administration block or click on the top left button.
    screen shot showing how to turn editing on in Moodle
  2. Select the option to “+ Add an activity or resource” in the course section you want the VT.
    screenshotMoodle add activity or resource
  3. Select  “VoiceThread” option and click the “Add” button.
    Screenshot of selecting VT activity in Moodle
  4. You now see a window for your “External Tool” settings. Enter any name you like for VT activity. Then select the “Save and Display” option, so that you can select the type of VT activity your want.
    screenshot of VT activity window
  5. You now see four options for your VT activity. They are explained below. Select the option that works best for your needs. If you are unsure, look through the additional information on the VoiceThread website about adding VTs to your course.
    • Course View: Shows those VoiceThreads shared with your entire class.
    • Individual VT: Share one particular VT with your class for the purpose of  instruction or discussion
    • VT Home: Each student sees their own VoiceThreads, as well as any VoiceThread others shared with them. This includes VoiceThread the student is still drafting, as well as VoiceThreads used in other classes or publicly available VoiceThreads.
    • Assignment Builder: This gives you several options for assigning and grading VoiceThreads. The Assignment Builder gives you a way to assess student VoiceThreads or VoiceThread comments, or just confirm that students watched specific a VoiceThread.