Getting a Zoom Pro account

Please create your Zoom account with your Haverford credentials.

  1. Go to
  2. Clicking Sign in, and log in with your Haverford credentials

(Note: If you already have a Zoom account, when you go to, Zoom will ask you whether you want to migrate your account to the Haverford site license. You want to switch to a new account if you have been using a free account since you will get a pro account under the Haverford site license. If you have been already using a Pro account, we encourage you to migrate to the Haverford site license for free access. If you want to migrate, click the button “Switch to the new account.”)

10 Things to do/know before you join your first zoom meeting.

  1. Download and install the free Zoom app on your devices well in advance of the first class meeting. (You do not need a Zoom account to join your session, but you need the Zoom app.)
  2. Test your internet connection by joining a test meeting.
  3. Test microphone/speaker and video camera and make sure your video/camera is working.
  4. Learn how to mute and unmute your microphone and video camera.
  5. Be mindful about what is happening behind you when your web cameras are on. It is possible to set a virtual background.
choose a virtual background screenshot
  1. Know how to to get your professor’s attention.  In small classes, some professors might ask you to raise your hands on their web cameras.  Others might ask you to unmute and simply chime in. In larger classes, you may be asked to use Zoom’s built-in nonverbal feedback buttons. 
  2. Learn how to use the Chat box
  3. Learn to use the Alt + Tab keys on your Windows laptops or the Command + Tab keys on your Mac laptops to switch back and forth between Zoom and whatever program you use to take notes.
  4. Your professor might use Breakout rooms. If you need help from your professor during the breakout session, you can ask for help.
Ask for Help screenshot
  1. You can give control of your screen to your meeting host, your professor to get help. Your professor might request remote control of your screen to troubleshoot your problems.

Zoom Security: Avoid an unwanted ‘Zoombomb’

Please do not include the meeting information on ANY calendar apps which may have publicly facing information, like Calendly. It is possible for people outside of our organization to find this information and join your zoom meetings. You can add the meeting information to Google Calendar, but please ensure that the calendar is set to private.

  1. If you are using Google Calendars, navigate to your calendar by selecting it from your G-Suite option bar in the top right corner of your screen in your browser.
  1. Then, navigate to the left hand side of your screen that lists all of your calendars under “My calendars.” Select the ellipses for more options and select “Sharing and Settings.”
  1. Under “Access Permissions,” ensure that the button “Make Available to Public” is NOT checked.


As a meeting host, your professor might record the meeting. Zoom will always notify meeting participants that a meeting is being recorded.  If you are joining by computer or mobile device, the screen will display a recording notification.

Recording consent alert window

If you are joining by phone, you will hear an audio prompt when you first join the meeting if it is already being recorded or at the time that recording is started.

Always remember that you can mute your video camera or microphone or set your virtual background.

To Learn more about Zoom

There are a substantial number of guides that will teach you the mechanics of using Zoom. 

One helpful resource is Zoom’s Help Center at that includes an in-depth Getting Started guide and a collection of one minute video introductions.  

Zoom hosts free and interactive live training webinars daily.

  • Zoom Meeting For Education (Students and Educators) (45 minutes)
  • Getting Started with Zoom Meetings (30 minutes)
  • Zoom Meetings (60 minutes).  

Live trainings are great since you can ask questions, but you can also watch recorded training sessions from the same link.

LinkedIn Learning also has a great class on Zoom (45 minutes). Please login with your Haverford email and password. 

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