IITS is happy to introduce a new feature for the Spring 2020 semester. Students can now create or upload video from within the Moodle assignment tool.

You can create a Moodle assignment that accepts video submissions pretty much like you create any Moodle assignment. This means that students can now easily upload videos of any size. Once they do, you can take advantage of the many Moodle assignment options (rubrics, private feedback, private grades, etc.) to view and grade your students’ work.

To learn more, watch this short video showing how to create and grade student video submissions in Moodle (opens in new tab) or read the text-base instructions below.

Add the assignment

  1. Turn Editing on from the course settings on the upper right corner of your course window.
    screen shot showing how to turn editing on in Moodle
  2. In the appropriate week/topic, click on the “+ Add an activity or resource” link.
    screenshot of Moodle add activity or resource
  3. Select the assignment activity and click the save button.
    moodle assignment option in activity chooser
    Screenshot of assignment activity in the activity chooser

Configure the assignment—allow on-line text submissions

Now you need to configure assignment settings. For the most part, you will set this up as you would any assignment: give it a name, set the due date, the grading parameters, etc. There is only one setting you need in order to accept student video submissions via the Panopto system.

Select the online text option from the submission types. Students will submit videos via this the Panopto icon on the text editing toolbar. Allow file submissions too, only if you want students to give you supporting materials along with the videos, such as an abstract or maybe a script.

Students will submit videos via the Panopto icon on the text editing toolbar. Thus, you need to enable the Online text submission type.

Show students how to submit recordings

Once in the assignment, students will need to select the Panopto icon from the editing toolbar, and then select the option Panopto student submission from the drop-down menu.

Students have three options for finding/creating their submission: select a video they already recorded, upload their video file, or record a new video or screencast.

From the student’s perspective, your video submission assignment looks like any other assignment. However, the students will need some instruction on how to submit. It is not hard, but students will need a bit of guidance to clarify the process.

Share these video assignment submission instructions with your students, so that they know how to submit their recordings.

Evaluate work and provide feedback

Once students have submitted their work, you will find the submissions in the column for online text.

Illustration of video assignment grading

Assess work as you would for other Moodle assignments. When you click on the recording links, they will open in a new Panopto window. In addition to the grading and feedback options available directly in Moodle, you can use Panopto’s discussion feature to comment directly within the video.

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