You can create a Gradescope activity in Moodle or log in directly to However, there are some notable changes from how Gradescope worked last year. So, whether or not you have used Gradescope before, these instructions should help you use Gradescope during the current 2024/2025 academic year.

About Gradescope at Haverford:

Thanks to a Teaching with Technology grant submitted by theresa gaines, Assistant Professor of Chemistry, on behalf of faculty in the departments of Math, Physics, Astronomy, and Chemistry, the full version of Gradescope is currently available for use in all Haverford courses. The pilot started in Fall 2023 and will continue through Spring 2025. We will provide information about longer term access later this year.

Use Gradescope within Moodle

To begin using Gradescope via Moodle, you first need to add a Gradescope activity link in your course.

  1. Turn editing on by switching the Edit mode toggle (top right of your window) from the grey off position to the green on position
    Illustration of Moodle edit toggle in upper right corner of your course.
  2. Click on the add an activity or resource button at the bottom of the section where you want the Gradescope activity.
    illustration of moodle add an activity or resource button
  3. Add the Gradescope activity from the All or Activities tabs. If you do not see it, you can use the search feature.
    illustration of gradescope in activity chooser
  4. You will get a new window asking about the gradescope activity you are linking. Start by clicking on the Content button.
    Illustration of showing the select content button in the Gradescope window.
  5. If this is your first Gradescope activity in the course, Gradescope asks if you want to link to a new course or an existing course. Select to a new course (unless you created the course already via the direct SSO login).
    Illustration of Gradescope selection window the first time you link connect to a course.
  6. Next you are prompted to link Moodle to an assignment in Gradescope. Link to a new assignment, unless you a linking to something you previously created in Gradescope.
    Illustration of option to create new Gradescope Assignment.
  7. Use Gradescope’s instructions to select and create the desired type of assignment.
  8. Once you create the assignment in Gradescope, you will return to the Moodle Gradescope window. Most of the assignment settings are then picked up from your Gradescope assignment details. Make any adjustments desired and click the Save and return to course button.
    Illustration of completed Moodle gradescope assignment window.
  9. Sync your Gradescope course roster to include the students in your Moodle course
  10. Grade student submissions for your Gradescope activity
  11. Post the grades back to Moodle (if desired)