Haverford has access to the full version of Gradescope for a two-year pilot program.

Thanks to a Teaching with Technology grant submitted by theresa gaines, Assistant Professor of Chemistry, on behalf of faculty in the departments of Math, Physics, Astronomy, and Chemistry, the full version of Gradescope is currently available for use in all Haverford courses.

You can create a Gradescope activity in Moodle or log in directly to Gradescope.com.

Use Gradescope within Moodle

To begin using Gradescope via Moodle, you first need to add a Gradescope activity link in your course.

  1. Turn editing on
    Illustration showing how to turn editing on in a course
  2. Click on the add an activity or resource button at the bottom of the section where you want the Gradescope activity.
    illustration of moodle add an activity or resource button
  3. Add the Gradescope activity
    Illustration showing how to add the Gradescope activity from the activity chooser
  4. Give it a name with Gradescope in the title, such as “Gradescope activity #1“. By default, Moodle will and a gradebook item for this activity. If the activity is not graded, you can uncheck the Accept grades for the tool setting.

    illustration showing where to add name, and turn off column in gradebook if the activity is ungraded
  5. Save and Display to set up your activity in Gradescope.
    illustration of save and display activity
  6. The Gradescope system exists outside of Moodle. When you link to Gradescope from within Moodle, you need to link to a distinct course on the Gradescope system. You can either link to an existing Gradescope course or link to a new Gradescope course. In most cases you will link to a new Gradescope course.
    Link to a course in Gradescope

    At this point you have established a link from your Moodle course to a Gradescope course. You still need to do the following steps:
  7. Create and/or link to a Gradescope assignment.
  8. Sync your Gradescope course roster to include the students in your Moodle course
  9. Grade student submissions for your Gradescope activity
  10. Post the grades back to Moodle (if desired)

Use Gradescope outside of Moodle

You can log onto Gradescope and set up a Gradescope course site independent of Moodle to participate in our Gradescope pilot. Or you can use Gradescope via a combination of Moodle course links and direct Gradescope.com access.

  1. Go to gradescope.com.
  2. Click on the log In link.
    illustration showing login button at gradescope.com
  3. Select the option to log into Gradescope with your school credentials.

    Select the option to log into Gradescope with your school credentials
  4. Search for Haverford and click the button Haverford College.
    illustration showing how to select Haverford College from the Gradescope list.
  5. Login with your Haverford College username.
  6. Set up your class roster. You have several ways to do this.
  7. Create your Gradescope assignments.
  8. Grade student submissions for your Gradescope activity
  9. Review grades and publish them for students. You can also post the grades back to Moodle, if you have linked your Gradescope course with a Moodle course.

Learn More!

In addition to the links above, the following Gradescope resources may be helpful:

Happy grading! Hopefully you will find this new tool makes your life easier and gives your students better feedback.