In mid-July, IITS implemented a new feature for Zoom. Zoom cloud recordings are now automatically copied to our Panopto recording/video hosting system. Once on Panopto, you can edit, share, or delete recordings as you like. If you are using Zoom for an academic course, you can make the copy to go directly into the Panopto course folder linked to your Moodle course. 

NOTE: If you wish to use Zoom for an academic class, see our blog post Using Zoom in your classes is now easier. That post has step-by-step instructions for connecting Zoom sessions and recordings to your Moodle course site.

Here is a summary of what is new:

  • Zoom cloud recordings are deleted, by default, after 30 days. 
  • All Zoom cloud recordings made since July 24, 2020 have been copied to our Panopto site.
  • Under current policy, Panopto recordings will remain available to you for as long as you wish. You can delete/remove recordings you do not wish to keep.
  • Panopto recordings are accessible to you by logging into The site is authenticated via our various Moodle systems. Select any of the Moodle options (“Moodle for F20/SP21”, “Moodle for F19/SP20”, or “Moodlegroup”) and log in as prompted on Haverford’s red login page.
  • Recordings are located in a “My Meetings” folder located inside your Panopto “My folder” — unless you created the meeting specifically for your class via the Moodle Zoom link.
    Screenshot showing where to find Zoom meeting recordings
  • If you created the meeting via the Moodle Zoom Link , they are inside the Panopto folder for your class.
  • See Panopto’s web page explaining the integration and how it works. The Panopto page includes instructions for recording, editing, and sharing meetings.