IITS will archive and delete videos old and unviewed Panopto recordings annually. To prevent the archive or deletion of any recording, watch a portion of that video.

Panopto is a lecture capture and video storage system Haverford uses for recording classes, meetings, interviews, etc .— as well as storing and sharing other videos. As of July 2020, Zoom cloud recordings are also stored and available via Panopto

New Panopto Retention Policy 

Haverford has a new Panopto retention policy to balance video storage needs against our budgeting requirements. This policy was drafted by IITS, then approved by senior staff, and put into effect effective January 1, 2023. You can read the full policy on the IITS Policy page

In summary, the new policy states:

  • Videos over two years old and not viewed for at least a year will be archived.
    Archiving has been implemented since May 23, 2022. Any video created before May 23, 2021, and unwatched since March 23, 2021, was archived on May 23, 2022. 
  • Archived videos that have not been viewed within the last four years will be deleted
    Archived videos that have remained in storage for four years will be deleted. Members of the community will have the chance to review their videos by taking them out of the archive and viewing them. Unarchived videos will then be subject to the archive policy stated above.
  • Users may download and store videos to maintain a personal copy
    In general, anyone that can create or edit a recording can also download their videos to create a personal archive. The owner can allow additional download rights, as allowed by law.

Access Archived Panopto Videos

You will still be able to find and view archived videos. If you wish to view a video that has been archived, follow these instructions to restore the video from the archive. The video will be unarchived and viewable within 48 hours. 

**** Next Retention Policy Action

In accordance with this policy, IITS will archive and delete videos annually, on or shortly after the third Monday in May. On May 22, 2023, IITS will archive any videos created before May 22, 2021, and not watched since that date.

What action does IITS Recommend for Panopto Users?

To prevent any video from getting archived, simply watch a portion of that video before May 22, 2023.

While IITS is not deleting videos at this time, we encourage you to delete videos you no longer need and to download any videos you wish to backup. 

We will send additional reminders as it gets closer to the archive date. Please contact with any questions or concerns.